Hello there and welcome to the beginning of your coffee journey. Bean to Door is an online coffee subscription service catered specifically to your taste and brewing preferences.


WHY choose bean to door?

Life is too short for rubbish coffee! Great coffee matters and we are here to provide you with a fast, swift service of tasty beans direct to your door.

Supermarket coffee can be sitting on a shelf for upto 2 years leaving it stale and tastless. We will never send you coffee that’s more than a week old.

You can sign up online from the comfort of your sofa and leave the rest up to us.

Our packaging is all letterbox friendly which means you don’t even have to be in for the postman.

Your first order comes with 250g coffee, a tasting card, an ‘Intro to Coffee’ guide plus free shipping.

WHAT do we want to achieve?

A premium product at an affordable price, available to everyone.

Good Quality & Great Taste

We only choose the best beans from top quality farms. We have an expert taster to source the best coffee.


All our coffee is hand roasted to order to ensure you get the best possible flavour from the beans.

Fair price for Farmers

We only buy coffee from farms where the farmer has been paid a fair price for their beans. The farmers are rewarded for the quality for their coffee, therefore they receive  price higher than the fair trade price. In future we hope to work directly with certain farmers to really make a change in their community.

Good Value

Save money without compromising on quality.

£2.50 for one takeaway coffee = £600 per year

£3.95 for 250g House coffee = 94.80/ year (14 cups = 28p per cup = 2 bags a month )

That’s a saving of £505 a year!



Through our 16 page ‘Introduction to coffee guide’ which is free with your first purchase. Our interesting blog topics will cover a range of topics-everything from recipes to factual history of coffee.

WHEN will you send me my coffee?


This part is totally up to you! You choose how often you would like us to send you coffee through the post. We will then roast it specifically for you and send it out on Royal Mail 48hr delivery.  All our coffee is letter box friendly so you don’t have to wait in for the postman.


WHERE does the coffee come from?

We source coffee from many different countries. Coffee is seasonal product with most countries producing one harvest a year so we buy our green coffee in as fresh as possible. These seasons often reflect our changing coffee offerings.

To start off we have chosen a varied selection from the following countries;


At the moment we buy our green coffee from well respected UK importers who pay the farmers a decent price for their coffee. Our long term plan is to work directly with farmers and work alongside workers and their local community to really make a difference to their everyday lives,

Coffee Farm, Western Brazil


We are a small group of coffee-obsessed individuals with a passion for coffee and anything coffee-related. Our team is made up of unique and creative individuals who are all experts in their field.

Catherine our Head of Coffee is an experienced coffee professional with 7 years experience of coffee roasting, tasting and making under her belt. She is an expert taster and has passed her ‘Q Grader’ exam as well as being a Sensory Judge in National coffee competitions.

Kirsty our Brand Manager graduated from RGU in Aberdeen with First Class Honours. Following her role as an E-commerce Marketing Analyst for a successful E-commerce business and as the Marketing Co-ordinator for Patisserie Valerie she has moved into the world of bean and ground coffee. She recently completed her Sensory/Cupping qualification from the London School of Coffee.