5 great ways to reuse your coffee grounds

5 great ways to reuse your coffee grounds

So you’ve had a tasty cup of Bean to Door coffee and feel super satisfied, but what do you do with the old coffee grounds? Once the coffee has been brewed you cannot use it again for drinking. This is because all the good and flavoursome elements of the coffee have already been extracted. Here are 5 genius ways to recycle your old grounds and avoid them going in the bin!

Illustration by Elena Fay


Coffee can be used as a natural paint. Release your inner Picasso by steeping your used grounds in a little water to make a concentrate. The longer you steep, the darker the ‘paint’.¬† Check out http://coffeeart.com/ for inspiration


2. Fertilizer

Chuck your used grounds in the compost bin or put directly on the soil of your flowers or vegetables as a natural fertilizer. Coffee grounds are relatively pH-neutral and rich in nitrogen which makes them a great fertilizer for houseplants and garden plants.



3. Pest Control

Slugs and other slimy pests don’t like the caffeine in the grounds so it is also useful as an organic repellent. Just pop your used grounds around your prize winning posies and let nature do it’s trick.



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4. Beauty

Coffee is a natural exfoliater. You can make a simple paste by adding some oil (we tried a few and found coconut oil works best) to the used coffee grounds. Apply the exfoliater to damp skin, leave for around 20mins and wash off with luke warm water. In no time you will look 5 years younger.


5. Home Furnishings

If you accidentally scrape the wooden surface of your furniture then steep some coffee in water to make a dark brown concentrate. Apply the concentrate with a cotton bud to the effected area until it blends in with the rest of the wood.

What do you do with your used coffee grounds? If you have another way you resuse them, then please let us know and we will feature the best ones.